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Complete business development automation solution that delivers phenomenal results by using Virtual Campaigners in business development.

Virtual Campaigners

PlugLeads is disrupting the status quo in the industry by evangelizing the use of Virtual Campaigners in business development.

Our software solution envisages the reconstruction of the conventional business development organization with automated bots called Virtual Campaigners (VCampaigner).

VCampaigners are designed to generate leads by executing to perfection the associated email campaign process independently and with minimal human intervention.

With VCampaigners taking over repetitive, tedious tasks from BDEs, businesses benefit from better utilization of human resources. Moreover the leads generated are also of enhanced quality since the use of VCampaigners eliminates the possibility of human errors.

Business development automation tool

How does PlugLeads impact customer ROI?

PlugLeads optimizes ROI by • Eliminating the need for hiring human resources(BDEs) for market research activity • Achieving time and cost efficiencies through streamlined processes • Boosting revenue through higher conversion rates arising from high quality warm leads

How does PlugLeads boost productivity?

Optimizing reply rate with glitchfree follow ups • Improving productivity with better utilization of human resources • Significantly boosting productivity with realignment of existing BDEs to more value added higher quality work

How does PlugLeads drive organic growth?

Making it possible to run campaigns across time zones using triggered mails • Enabling scaling of outreach without without hiring additional sales persons Enabling CMs to focus on more sales closure activities

PlugLeads addresses all these pain points to offer a product that ticks off all boxes related to

Business development plan

Strategic planning

Virtual Campaigners

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Better campaign execution

Marketing automation tool

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