Campaigning Best Practices

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Spam refers to sending of large number of unsolicited, irrelevant commercial emails. Spamming refers to bombarding disinterested recipients with unwanted emails.


The CAN-SPAM Act 2003 was passed to regulate the flow of emails and give the recipient the right to unsubscribe from mailing list.


The act specifies the rules for sending commercial emails and messages and restricts businesses from sending unsolicited emails.


It applies to all commercial emails that contain advertisements or promotional emails.


Because it impacts deliverability. When an email is initially identified as spam by a filter, the message is pushed to the spam folder. This means that your mail has literally zero chances of being read.
Repeatedly being identified as spam can result in your mailbox/ip address being blocked.


The SPAM act gives recipients the right to stop exit from mailing lists and prevent businesses from contacting them.


Follow three basic rules –
Include Unsubscribe option in every mail,
Monitor your content and
Follow correct sending behaviour.


Yes and No.
Yes, if you are knowingly or unknowingly breaking any of the rules specified under the Act.
And No, if you following the PlugLeads recommended Best Practices as specified below.

PlugLeads recommended Best Practices Do’s

  1. Identify yourself in the ‘From’ and ‘Reply-to’ headers.
  2. Use accurate subject lines that refer to content of mail
  3. Provide your physical postal address in every mail
  4. Provide an Unsubscribe/Opt out button
  5. Respond to Unsubscribe requests within 10 days

  6. Don’ts

  7. Mask your name and address
  8. Use deceptive subject lines
  9. Omit mentioning your location
  10. Forget to include Unsubscribe button
  11. Delay action on unsubscribe requests beyond 10 days

Other Best Practices

  1. Filter your contacts to identify target segment to ensure content is relevant
  2. Do not use spammy words such as ‘FREE’,’BUY’ or ‘PROMO’ in the subject line
  3. Don’t allow your email message size to exceed 30KB
  4. Do not use image heavy mails.
  5. Do not use ‘ALL CAPS’ in your messages
  6. Avoid usage of more than one exclamation mark (!).
  7. Do not use fonts of large/varying sizes and colors.