Generating high quality leads for CRO




  • Launch email campaigns
  • Discover new markets
  • Maintain costs





Available resources :

  • BD team with
  • One CM
  • Five BDE





Tasks done:

  • CM – Supervising BDEs
  • Maintaining records
  • BDEs- Market research to identify possible prospects





Problem Statement

  • CM time is spent in managing team rather than on sales closure activities
  • BDE work is tedious, repetitive with high propensity for errors
  • Upscaling is constrained by resource availability






  • Lacks bandwidth to focus on conversion rate optimization(CRO)
  • Frequent errors, lead quality low, unreliable.
  • Outreach cannot be expanded






PlugLeads. With PlugLeads

  • VCampaigners execute market research activities
  • CM freed from BD team supervisory responsibilities
  • VCampaigners can process larger volumes of data at higher speeds






  • BDE resources can be rationalized or moved to more sales focused activities
  • CM time freed to focus on strategic and closure activities
  • VCampaigner capability to process data greater and faster than humans and with minimal additional costs.





Goals achieved

  • Higher CRO
  • Capture of bigger market share
  • Better quality and quantity of leads.