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Ready to run campaigns but no database? No idea how to source B2B Contactlist?
Looking for 'clean' data?
Want niche segment data?
Get your own list@least Cost@least effort

All you need to do

  • Identify your segment
  • Specify relevant keywords
  • Submit your job
  • Receive acknowledgement with time and cost estimate
  • Receive CAMPAIGN-READY prospect list in your Inbox!

Pricing Details : Our rates are among the best in the industry at just $0.05 per contacts.

Our contact lists fields include First Name, Last Name, Business Email id and Company Name details.

What's more…all our contacts lists contain clean, validated data.


Our Pricing Model

For upto 1000 contacts For 1000>5000 contacts For>5000 contacts
@$0.05 per contact @$0.04 per contact @$0.03 per contact