Reducing costs

Higher ROI, Low cost


  • Launch email campaigns
  • Discover new markets
  • Maintain costs

Available resources

  • Limited staff
  • Limited budget

Tasks Done:

Resources wearing multiple hats,working on leads, but lacking clear startegy

Higher ROI, Low cost
Higher ROI, Low cost

Problem statement

The startup faces several challenges in reaching out to this target market. Among these are:

  • Lack of relevant database
  • Lack of human resources to run email campaign ie. no BD team
  • A shoestring budget
Higher ROI, Low cost


PlugLeads offers

  • Free validated data of target segment
  • One person can launch multiple campaigns.
  • PlugLeads software is available at affordable monthly subscription rates.

Goals achieved

  • Focused campaigns launched at clearly identified segment
  • Streamlined,automated process enabled maximized outreach
  • No additional costs incurred on resources- human or data.
Higher ROI, Low cost