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PlugLeads Business development solution

About PlugLeads

PlugLeads is a revolutionary new approach that enables you to achieve your business development objectives effortlessly. We eliminate all the pain points associated with conventional BD tasks, by fully automating the BD process through the use of specially designed business development robots(BDR).

What is unique to PlugLeads?

PlugLeads enables a migration from a disparate, inefficient BD process to a revolutionary, automated BDR actioned model that cuts down costs, minimizes human efforts, and delivers quality actionable results.

Our USP : Business Development Robots.BDR.

We have designed the BDR to carry out each element of the BD process automatically. The BDR is capable of independently carrying out market research to collect contact lists, creating buckets of segmented contacts, running email campaigns, monitoring and sending follow up mails as per schedule,and notifying in real time when responses arrive.


Rationalize your BD Team

  • Save on salaries, benefits
  • Achieve better results with lesser man hours
  • Remain unimpacted by employee turnover
  • BDM time prioritized to sales closure activities

Benefit from Robot Deployment

  • Achieve high precision work execution
  • Eliminate errors of omission
  • Committed, dedicated workers
  • No training required
  • No sick leaves,attrition issues
  • One time investment

Enable your Sales Team

  • Lower cold calls
  • Steadier supply of leads
  • Higher conversion owing to real time notification

Improve Campaign Effectiveness

  • Well planned and scheduled
  • No lead losses or leakages
  • Personalized mails to optimize responses
  • Optimized deliverability


Driven by the sole purpose of supporting and augmenting your sales efforts by creating a converging eco system. PlugLeads BDRs are equipped to :

Run campaigns and generate leads effortlessly

  • Plan email campaigns
  • Collect contacts lists
  • Create contact buckets
  • Sending emails
  • Segregating responses
  • Sending follow up mails as per schedule
  • Pausing unsubscribe mails
  • Sending real time notifications on positive responses

Carry out market research

  • Import contact lists
  • Enter manual contact lists
  • Source contact lists through PlugLeads proprietory algorithm
  • Access clean,and validated contact lists from our in-house developed IDEA engine.
  • Carry out domain, service and geo-targeted campaign launches using segmentation capabilities

Provide deep insights into operations

  • A “big picture” dashboard provide all key information at a glance
  • Monitor progress of campaigns with transparent report layouts
  • Drill down to detailed data at lowest level

Develop Business Intelligence Insights

  • Get suggestions based on previously successful campaigns
  • Choose from multiple email template options

PlugLeads Business Development Process

PlugLeads process