Complete business development automation solution.

Evangelizing the restructuring of the business development model

Gamechanger in the marketing solutions space.
Lead generation services

Growth Acceleration.

Automated Processes for Optimal Performance
Scale your operations through agile marketing strategy made possible with automation. Develop efficiencies, improve response times, eliminate opportunity losses, and meet all KPI metrics. Our meticulously detailed, and futuristically designed automated BD solutions are the catalysts that will drive your business efforts to deliver more results at lesser cost.
Virtual Campaigners,

Lean, Agile Teams.

Business Remodeled by Disruptive Innovation.
We evangelize an audacious proposition that will completely revamp your existing BD model. Our software solution offers Virtual Campaigners that can replace real resources. With our automated solutions, the BD team can virtually be pared down to just one Campaign Manager, who can singlehandedly manage the complete BD process.
Business development automation process

ROI Optimization.

Unprecedented savings. Higher productivity.
Trigger a domino effect downstream. Deploy PlugLeads solutions to effect strategic enterprise benefits. Gain from unprecedented savings on hiring and license costs. Enhance human and process productivity. Experience an unbelievable leap in return on investment. Scrunch cycle times, minimize human efforts, and benefit from quality actionable, results.
PlugLeads Business development solution

PlugLeads Neuron: Automated Business Development Workflow Solution

Business Development efforts focus on identifying prospects from large contact pools. The conventional approach is to use manual methods to run the process; this makes it slow, inefficient and error prone. Neuron’s inventive approach deploys virtual campaigners to launch, monitor, track and run the process. Result? Plummeting Costs. Enhanced Efficiencies. 100% Accurate Processes.

PlugLeads Catalog: Customized Segment List Resource

The secret to a successful email campaign is a targeted campaign. Catalog is the go-to resource for your segmented contact list requirements. Based on a proprietary methodology that uses key words that you provide, Catalog builds the “perfect” contact list for you. With Catalog’s customized contact lists, prepare to see higher open and response rates, and lower unsubscribe figures.


Driven by the sole purpose of supporting and augmenting your sales efforts by creating a converging eco system. PlugLeads VCampaigners are equipped to :

Run campaigns and generate leads effortlessly

  • Plan email campaigns
  • Collect contacts lists
  • Create contact buckets
  • Sending emails
  • Segregating responses
  • Sending follow up mails as per schedule
  • Pausing unsubscribe mails
  • Sending real time notifications on positive responses

Carry out market research

  • Import contact lists
  • Enter manual contact lists
  • Source contact lists through PlugLeads proprietory algorithm
  • Access clean,and validated contact lists from our in-house developed Search tool.
  • Carry out domain, service and geo-targeted campaign launches using segmentation capabilities

Provide deep insights into operations

  • A “big picture” dashboard provide all key information at a glance
  • Monitor progress of campaigns with transparent report layouts
  • Drill down to detailed data at lowest level

Develop Business Intelligence Insights

  • Get suggestions based on previously successful campaigns
  • Choose from multiple email template options

PlugLeads Business Development Process

PlugLeads process